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jugnetclairet - SWITCH



Collection of 262 original switches shot in Santa Fe, NM.

In the Switch Series, we are mesmerized by the moment a screen is being turned off - that fleeting moment when the picture contracts, collapses until it is just a colored dot.

To capture this we use a digital camera, recording each stage from full picture to totally blank screen.

These video shoots become a ritual as we travel through the American southwest. From town to town, from one motel to another, from room to room, we turn out the lights, set up the ironing board and place the camera on the ice bucket (chocked level by using a book of matches from the hotel). Then we lay on the bed, successively switching the television on and off for a continuous period of one hour.

Later on we sift through the rushes, image by image, choosing this crucial moment where the image turns into light, breaks down into colors - the primary colors of additive synthesis…